Advertisement Opportunities

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Targeted Content Channels

F&I and Showroom has 8 topical channels on our website. These channels are designed to help users find exactly what they’re looking for in their specialty or area of interest, whether it’s sales and marketing, the nonprime/subprime credit spectrum, or software suggestions and legal advice to help get you compliant with the FTC's latest compliance rules.


An advertiser can sponsor a channel exclusively, create an advertising roadblock (coordinating the material on the top leaderboard and top right square), or advertise on a high profile banner position.




By advertising on a specific topical channel, you reach users most interested in your topic. “Contextual advertising” is proven to provide a more engaged, interactive, and desirable visitor. Our editors develop most of the content on the site, which includes not only news and features, but video and photo galleries.


We welcome content submissions from marketers as well topics of interest to our users. We accept Flash ads, video ads, expandable, rich media. Talk to your salesperson directly about a program that works for you.  Click here for technical specs required of banner ads, including dimensions, file sizes, and acceptable formats.


CONTACT us directly for a quote customized for your company.