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Podcasts are an exciting way to dynamically connect with your prospects. Sponsoring an interview with an industry expert or discussion of a hot industry topic, you get a 15-second commercial before each podcast begins.

Podcast sponsorship will help sell-through, drive traffic and provide content to sponsor’s site.


  • Sponsors receive banner ads on the Podcast landing page
  • Content is updated regularly and new podcasts are promoted in our enewsletters.
  • All podcast material will be archived indefinitely on our website and can be linked directly from sponsor’s site.
  • All podcasts will be keyword tagged and linked with other related content, as relevant, by the Police editors.


To ensure traffic to your ad on our podcast section, we do the following:

  • The website homepage has a direct top navigation link to the podcast page.
  • All podcasts are registered in iTunes, ensuring ease of use and regular updating to a user’s listening device.
  • We run occasional house ads promoting the online podcasts.
  • We will work with your company on cooperative promotions to increase interest in the podcasts.




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