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Editorial Calendar

2016 Editorial Calendar     
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F&I Performance Study

Quarterly Auto Finance Report

 12/2 12/7



Appearance Protection

Dent Repair

1/6 1/11

Social Media Marketing

Tablet Menus

 2/3 2/8
NADA Issue

Hybrid F&I

Online F&I

2/25 3/1

Compliance Technology

Quarterly Auto Finance Report

3/4 3/9

Post-NADA Coverage

Technology Roundup: New Arrivals From NADA

 4/6 4/11

Data Mining: Capturing Lost Sales

Video F&I Sales

5/4 5/9

VSC Sales Techniques

Quarterly Auto Finance Report


6/3 6/8

Finance Leads

Selling Tire & Wheel

7/6 7/11

F&I Pacesetters

The Director's Chair:  Managing the F&I Department

8/4 8/9

Data Security

Quarterly Auto Finance Report

9/6 9/9

Industry Summit:  Post-Show Coverage

F&I Dealer of the Year

 10/6 10/11

Year in Review

In-Car Technology

 11/3 11/8


Ron Reahard

Every month, celebrated F&I trainer Ron Reahard puts his skills and industry knowledge to the test by fielding the toughest F&I product objections, compliance questions and other departmental issues submitted by readers of F&I and Showroom magazine.  The president of Reahard & Associates also delivers a monthly video response to reader-submitted questions of

Jim 'Da Man' Ziegler

Sales trainer, industry forecaster and dealer advocate Jim 'Da Man' Ziegler joined the magazine in 2011 to deliver his monthly on-the-point message about the car business.  He's in your face and always controversial.  The president and CEO of Ziegler SuperSystems also offers strategy advice on everything from sales and F&I to marketing in the digital age.

Mad Marv

Marv Eleazer is no industry insider. He's a veteran F&I manager who reports from the trenches on the challenges and opportunities facing F&I professionals today.  


Hudson Cook's Tom Hudson and his team of attorneys lend their expertise every month on the compliance issues, court cases and new regulatory threats impacting dealers and the F&I operations.