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Video Specs

Videos posted in F&I TV are free to post. Please follow these instructions for submitting video material for the F&I TV.  Send the material to F&I and Showroom either via regular mail, an embed code or uploading to our ftp site (for instructions, contact your sales representative).



16:9 Wide Format (preferred): 640 x 360 pixels
4:3 Standard Format: 480 x 360 pixels

Accepted DIGITAL FILE Formats:
We accept .flv .avi .mov .wmv .mpeg .mpeg2 .mpeg4  

Max Bitrate: 1 Mbps  (1,000Kbps)

Max File Size:  300MB
Video Length:  Max 30 min.



  • Send the DVD in a protected envelope and include a filled-out copy of the “F&I TV Submission” form.
  • If your video is on YouTube or on your site, send us the link or URL. Include a filled-out copy of the “F&I TV Submission Form” so that your video can be tagged and credited properly.  Provide a jpeg image to use as the thumbnail or send a URL address where we can pick one up. 
  • We can also receive files uploaded to our FTP site. Please ask your sales representative for uploading instructions.
  • Either  standard or mini-DVDs can be accepted. F&I and Showroom will charge a per-DVD conversion rate of $200 per DVD (up to one hour).
  • We cannot convert VHS or other tape formats, although we can recommend conversion services.